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Portofino was built with a wooden structure: it is a quite willowy chair, yet its figure is balanced, thanks to the horizontal stripes that cover its back, and to the smoothly curved legs. The leather, eco-leather, grain leather and Nubuk leather upholsteries, available in different colors, make it extremely easy to coordinate with various kinds of tables.
Bases and structures
Canaletto Walnut
Dark Oak Heat-Treated
Natural Oak
Studio Archirivolto
Designers are actors, and shall invite people to see their theatre, their art. They shall share.
Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci founded Archirivolto, an industrial design, design and Architecture studio, in 1983. While studying Architecture in Florence, Claudio, Marco and a group of friends start an experimental theatre group. Later, after they all chose to keep working together in the design studio, theatre remains a major influence: creativity, perception of reality, respect and care for the audience. They also cared about understanding how the market and the production worked, and they wanted to do it from the inside, hence they started by managing a furniture store. Archirivolto’s concept of design regards “beauty, harmony and freedom”; it cannot be bound to respect pre-established rules, nor can it be a social or cultural élite’s privilege. The designer must create beauty for everyone, and make more and more people get close to this art.