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Occasional Furniture
Alaric is an essential and soft line, and is the best way to let the curved glass stand out.
The manufacture needs not to be considered mere aesthetic, for curves and bends are thought to produce a double top, and a magazine-rack.
Bases and structures
Extra-Clear Transparent Glass
85_ Transparent Smoked Glass
Andrea Lucatello
Experiences lead to refinement. Every job, every career, every path.
Andrea Lucatello is an industrial designer who lives and works in Treviso. Since he was young, he performed a varied and intense professional activity which has formed his experience, creativity and knowledge of processing techniques, in particular on composite materials and the design of furniture and boating. He currently works with many companies dealing with design and interior design, image and research from the initial idea until the industrialization of the product. His works give life to original objects, characterized by a strong personality and an avant-garde design. In 2004 he obtained a special mention with "SKYLAB" writing board; in 2000 with "ORIGAMI", in the 2001 obtained a "WING CHAIR" and "LETTO RIALTO" special mention. "TOP TEN 2001" award at the International Chair Exhibition.