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Occasional Furniture
Three ellipses revolve on three different levels, composing the innovative and elegant line of this coffee-table.
The combinations of colors and materials, offered by marble, and lacquered wood tops, make it the perfect focal point of your living-room.
Bases and structures
83_Stone Bronze
Black Chrome
75_Glossy Copper Varnished
Tops and shelves
183_Emperador Bronze
68_Agata Pink
14_Canaletto Walnut
16_Dark Oak
Daniel Rode
What is real? What is dream? Can these two concepts melt together, and create something different?
Daniel Rode was born in France, in 1967. He graduates in Interior Architecture and Design at Ecole Boulle in Paris, and starts working in fashion, designing bags and accessories in China and Hong kong.In 1992, he opens his own design studio in Paris, focusing his creativity on the interior design world. In 1999, he moves to Italy, where he founds Tode Design s.r.l., meaning to finally be the core of the creative process.
Rode designs functional and beautiful objects, with a definitely optimistic hint. His creations express the paradoxical union of strict realism and oneiric lightness. Weirdly, Daniel Rode’s products cannot help but being somehow dreamlike, yet the designer pays great attention to things at their primitive state, and looks forward to an intuitive and pure language. At the moment, he works along with different renowned brands. His creations’ common denominator is focusing on the human body: the products always have to be ergonomic, made in an unconventional way and using ductile materials. Rode's attentive research earned him many different international prizes.