Изделия _ Места для сидения _ Zoe
Места для сидения
With the 2022 Collection, Zoe is born, a chair with a welcoming aesthetic and innate elegance, which adapts to any interior style with its sinuous line, characterized by the solid wood structure.
Zoe is available in various finishes and textures, such as leather, velvet and fabric, to create environments with a unique style.
Основания и структуры
14_Canaletto Walnut
16_Dark Oak
Black ash
S_Synthetic Leather
SN_Nubuck Synthetic Leather
SP_Salt and Pepper Fabric
TP_Pied de Poule Fabric
SH_Shade Fabric
T_V_Vega Velvet
PN_Nubuck Leather
PF_Grain Leather
TF_Flora Fabric Combinations