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This bed was thought to combine strenght, cleanliness and harmony: the headrest, split in four different sections, forms a one-of-a-kind geometry. It is covered in leather, eco-leather, or fabric with stain-resistant, water-repellent treatment.
S_Synthetic Leather
SN_Nubuck Synthetic Leather
TN_Ninfea Fabric
PF_Grain Leather
A combination of various fields: the art of boating, the experience coming from tradition, to reach the highest quality in industrial design.
Crosera graduated in Architecture at the I.U.A.V., in Venice. He started designing stand fittings, setups and interiors for private clients. He worked in several fields, from Building to Boating, and managed to develop the knowledge and experience his family worked on for years.
In 2002, he opens DesignX Studio in Treviso, a place where different professionals share the same roof. He completes his first industrial design projects in an ideal atmosphere, there where ideas are born, developed and made real. He designs the “Rokan” collection, a glass lamp, for ITre.

In 2014, he started his collaboration with architect Elena Pistolato, who constantly assists him both in project-development and taking care of the studio’s organization.