Our wood
Our wood
The fact that we should be more than grateful to Nature for plenty of reasons is as clear as sparkling water. Here, at Tonin Casa’s, we try to thank her for being so extraordinary. That is the reason why we use the best materials, and let only the best artisans put their hands on them.
The same naturally goes for our wood, for whom we trust those who know how to maintain the already perfect essence of the most precious trees we can find.
Be it for a table’s top, or for a fundamental detail – that happens with our Albatross – Tonin Casa chose three kinds of solid wood you can choose from, so that everybody has the highest quality and the decoration that most satisfies their taste.
Solid wood, three different effects:
Walnut: Walnut has Asian origins, yet is harvested pretty much everywhere in the world. The most precious kind is the Italian Walnut, which has always been used to make furniture. It is not extremely hard, has a dark coloration and dark brown, or black grains.
Oak: Italian Oak grows along the Pre-Alps, close to its Middle-Western European cousins. Its coloration’s peculiarity – dark brown with a hint of yellow – makes it terribly precious and sought-after. Quite hard, Oak is extremely weather resistant, which is one of the reasons why it has always been used to make the very best furniture. Another characteristic makes it interesting for us, during the production phase: it is bendable, so bendable, in fact, that it was often used to make floors, barrels, window frames and boats.
Ash wood: Ash wood is a very strong wood, yet it is quite light and flexible. It comes originally from Northern Europe, but it grows in different varieties as south as Southern Italy. Its strength has always been known, a fact easily proven by its ancient uses: it was the material with which to build wooden wheels’ spokes, for agricultural carts, bows, and lately to make high quality ski poles.
Our manufacture: Varnishing
Tonin Casa always offers its customers the widest range of choices, to customize their products. This is why we make sure the varnishing phase is completed with the utmost precision.
We get our tops and components varnished in pressurized rooms, equipped with water booths. We only trust extremely qualified personnel. The result is a combination of artisanal experience and technical precision.
Our manufacture: Laser, pantograph
Many of our products’ details would be impossible to obtain, without technology. You only need to think of our Colosseo line, and of its burned-like effect we get out of a CO2 marker laser technology.
Traditional shapes are always appreciated, but Tonin Casa’s designers always want to innovate, to create new, soft and contemporary lines. In order to get those effects on wood, a peculiar technique is necessary: pantographing. The pantograph is a tool that allows to copy and reproduce drawings on different materials, and without it, we could never bring our most innovative designs to life.
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