Redefine your idea of “collection”, by stepping into our new jungle. At Salone del Mobile.Milano 2017, Tonin Casa decided to represent the variety of Nature, all of its “species”.
It will feel like taking a walk through the Amazon forest, like watching birds, and plants and animals, a huge habitat with its every specie coming at you. In 2017, Tonin Casa’s products are shaped around the idea of multiplicity: we created a system inspired by Nature’s variety, a combination of what the world has to offer, and what our minds, our creativity can add to it.

You will find Tonin Casa’s Stand at Pavillion 12, Stand A11 – B12: we decided to compose it in zones, areas thought to create a Total Look, to apply the vision of the Company, in relation to a complete set of furniture. During the year, we focus on creating perfectly customized “CORNERS”, for the best shops. At the Salone, furniture is king, and the focus goes on our news, and the aesthetic composition.

We studied every idea, and decided to create a visual representation of what a jungle could ultimately represent: diversity. Choose your specie. Be one.
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