A job for those who love details
We clearly got to a point in which the detail, the peculiarity, the close-to-microbial attention, has become almost obsessive, for Tonin Casa. Naturally, we believe this is a rightful obsession, for it lets us give customers products of extraordinary quality.
Still, it is true we are not only talking about furniture, nor just design. Tonin Casa is a team, and some passions – read: details, yes, once again! – are shared amongst its members.
In this case, we are talking about graphics turning into fashion!
Alberto, our graphic designer, who happens to be an architect and an art passionate, is working hard to handle both those fundamental duties every furnishing company should care about, and much more. This means that not only he spends his days looking for the perfect aesthetic solutions to create catalogues, to show products, to contribute in making a picture as beautiful as the actual material; not only he does that: he also cares for every little detail we want to let you have at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2016.
Naturally, everybody brings shoppers to the Salone; that is certainly true. It may be less natural, though, to focus for so long on those shoppers, which is exactly what our Alberto did for long days. His idea works this way: the shopper we will be pleased to give you when you will come to our stand, should be representative of Tonin Casa’s style, and at the same time part of a brand new trend, already renowned in the Americas and in Australia. Modern bags, made of light papery material, that shan’t be only used for shopping. It can be used every other day, while having a walk in the city center, or while having drinks with your friends.
This is the concept: to use, and to re-use, so not to waste anything at all. Tonin Casa makes some bags and, why not?, decides that they are beautiful enough, sophisticated and fashionable, perfect to wear outside the Salone, just for yourselves, for your own beauty and, last but not in the slightest the least, to not waste precious paper.
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