EVERY DETAIL: Tonin Casa's Materials - Aluminum
Within the interior design world, we often hear generic information regarding aluminum: its generic characteristics, such as "durability, resistance, ductility", it being a resistant, efficient material - and why it is worth using, based on its value and price. Let's now be a little more specific, as we like it: let's talk about molecular characteristics, aesthetics, anodization, recyclability and reliability.

Aluminum's peculiar molecular composition makes it immune to rust, and consequently to the aggression of chemical and atmospherical agents. Of course, this advantage is self-explanatory, yet its resistance to atmospherical agents guarantees its quality: domestic environments are not sterilized, and hence events similar to those developing outdoors - as limited as they can be - can be witnessed indoors, as well. Considering a long-term use of a product, aluminum will be largely more durable than other materials, thanks to its very molecular characteristics.

Lastly, aluminum molecules characterize its composition, which means its looks: its peculiar brilliance is one of the reasons why it is used to create new lighting points within a certain area, especially in otherwise shady rooms. This means, to make a long story short, that aluminum presence in a room will determine the perception we have of that room and its colors!

Tonin Casa's aluminum always goes through a process called anodization, which is an electrolytic transformation that occurs within the first few microns. This modifies aluminum's molecular structure, further strengthening its external surface. While aluminum per se is capable of enduring atmospheric agents' aggressions of a certain force, Tonin Casa's anodized aluminum reaches far higher levels of resistance.


It is the second most occurring metal on Earth, after silicone. It is amongst the most commonly used metals in industry, everywhere. It is right to ask: what is its impact on the ecosystem? Certainly, a very high one when it comes to production, yet it has an undeniable advantage: aluminum is 100% recyclable, and it can be recycled several times, too! To do so, is common and advantageous practice, since it maintains its durability and lightness.

While Tonin Casa takes profound care of these details, their greatest aim is to guarantee excellent quality levels, and this is the reason why they only use initial smelting aluminum. So that you can have the top quality. Always.

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