Изделия _ Буфеты, шкафы для одежды и тумбочки _ Drops Night
Буфеты, шкафы для одежды и тумбочки
Drops Night
A complete and extremely elegant night group. Solid wood drops applied with extreme care to the mirror effect doors. A fine and sophisticated shaped and rounded top; a metal frame with gold-finish insert. All this to leave nothing randomly.
Основания и структуры
14_Canaletto Walnut
Black ash
16_Dark Oak
Fumè mirror
Серебряные зеркала
Бронзовое зеркало
Tosca Design
Many years of studies and experience in the furniture sector by creative minds specialised in industrial and interior design as well as visual arts generated the idea of Tosca Design. Padova born Nicola Tonin started his career in the family’s furniture design enterprise. Over time Nicola perfected his style and in 2011 Nicola extended his studies at the CUOA in Vicenza where he got his Masters Degree. The love for furniture design and different materials were additionally improved by the collaboration with other subject professionals and artist in the world of art and architecture. This collaboration still can be found in his contemporary realisations.